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Sorkin Mocha(ソーキン モカ君)

Hi everyone at Amanda Blue! 

It has been a long time since we have been in touch.  I have been thinking about you and praying that you are all fine after the Japanese tragedy.  I couldn’t find your email, so I wrote to Caren Hoffman Smith in Singapore and she just sent it to me.

We have been living in Boston with Mocha-chan.  We left Tokyo and moved in June 2008.  Mocha is now almost 6 years old, very healthy and happy!  I am attaching a photo for you to enjoy…my kids are now 17 and 14.  Mocha is our third child.  He sleeps with me every night and we love him so much!!!

Anyway, I hope you are managing in the circumstances.  We are raising money to help Japan in our town and my daughter V is coming to Japan this summer to help do community service. 

Sending you all our best wishes,

Debbie Sorkin




From Amanda アマンダより返信>

Dear Debra,

It's really been a long time. Thank you for your inquiry about the disasters here. Nearly three weeks have passed since the earthquake and tsunami struck. Little by little, things are returning to normal.

We heard from Caren that your family and Mocha-chan moved to Boston. I was happy to hear that Mocha is as energetic and happy as usual. Thanks so much for the photograph of the children and Mocha.

I can't believe the kids are now 14 and 17 years old. Time passes so quickly! It should be a wonderful experience for V to come to Japan.

Her work as a volunteer, especially at her young age, will leave a lasting impression on the rest of her life. We hope, for all of those who are suffering through these hard times, that they'll be able to find the courage and hope to persevere.

My eldest son (a doctor) will do what he can for the sick, injured and elderly people of Iwate and Miyagi Prefecture.

Thanks again for the update on Mocha-chan. I knew it wouldn't take long before old Cupid !  drew dogs  and owners  together in a close bind of happiness.

Best wishes for your health and prosperity from those of us in Japan.

Seiko Miyazawa, Amanda Blue.



お子さん方はもう17歳と14歳になられたのですか? 月日の経つのは早いものです。V(略称)ちゃんがボランティアで日本に来られるとのこと、きっと素晴らしい経験となることでしょう!特に若い時代の奉仕活動は人生において決して消え去ることのない大切なものを学ばせてくれます。被災した日本人も大いなる勇気と希望を与えられることでしょう。我が家の長男も現在ドクターとして岩手や宮城で病気や怪我人、お年を召した人々のために働かせていただいております。
Seiko Miyazawa 、Amanda Blue.


Sorkin モカ 君(プードル、ブラウン)

We are an American family living in Tokyo for 5 years.  Our 2 children (ages 12 and 9) wanted a toy poodle puppy for a long time.  We looked at some local shops and asked other poodle owners for a reference.  We heard that Amanda Blue was a very reliable and established breeder, so we looked at their website.  There were many photos available as well as information about the dogs on-line (date of birth, color, size, male/female, price, etc). 
As first time dog owners, we had many questions.  Seiko was very responsive.  We communicated mostly through email.  She helped us select the right dog for our family and made us feel comfortable that everything would be handled well.  The process of purchasing our dog was quite easy and there was enough English information about preparing and caring for the dog. 
We have had Mocha-chan since October 1, 2005 and he is a wonderful addition to our family.  He is playful and friendly with the children.  He is exactly what we had hoped for and would like to thank Seiko and Amanda Blue for the support we have received.
Debbie Sorkin
Tokyo, Japan


デビー ソーキン