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エルガー君 (Elgar)

Dear Amanda,

 How are you??!!  Sorry for my belated reply as I was pretty busy earlier this week.  Thanks for giving us such a wonderful poodle last year.  Elgar has been growing very well. His coughing has gone and it weighed around 1.3kg last week...  I walked him twice a day and he poo poo and pee pee outside of our flat.  He eats properly and i feed him twice a day.  I also give him some puppyvite once a day and some special dog food for taking away his tartar.  His only problem is his teeth when i took him to see the vet the other day.  He said a dog as his age shouldn't have some many tartar..  I started to brush his teeth once for every two days a month ago and it made some improvement.  As i am in the office now, i can't send his pictures to you.  I will take some and send them to you when I go back home.

I took him to participate a dog party the other day and there are lots of other dogs of different sizes and ages and breeds..   He gets along with them very well.  The only thing is that normally a dog of his age should show a strong interest in other bitches, but he seems to be not mature enough for that..  He didn't try to approach any girls.

I keep visiting your website and see whether there are good puppies.  I will let you know if I find any puppies there we are interested.

Thanks for your help again and take good care!!

Best regards



お元気ですか? 今週まで仕事がとても忙しく返信が遅くなりました、申し訳ありませんでした。昨年は私共にこのようなすばらしいプードルをお譲りいただき感謝しております。エルガーはとても健康に育っております。風邪は治り、先週(1歳1ヶ月)1.3kgほどになりました。1日2回住居の外に散歩に連れ出しますが、そこでウンチやおしっこをします。彼は1日2回与えるフードをきちんと食べてくれます。1日1回かみかみグッズをあげ、歯石除去のためのスペシャルフードを与えております。先日獣医師に診てもらった際、問題なのは歯だけでした。獣医師曰く、この若さでこんなに歯石を付けてはいけません、とのことです。そこで1ヶ月前に2日に1度の割りで歯磨きを始めたところ、今は改善されております。今会社にいるので写真を送ることができませんが、帰宅後お送りいたします。






 Dear Wesley,
 Thank you for letting me know what has been up to Elgar in these days. I understand that you are so busy with your work and could not make reply sooner. I am glad and relieved to see that Elgar has been growing up so well. His weight, 1.3kg, should be the expected one for adults. I suppose a micro-teacup poodle is very rare there in Hong Kong.
 On the problem of tartar; I think you had better get a remove treatment with anesthesia. Why don’t you consult your vet?   I heard that the one of micro-teacup of 1.0kg, almost 2 years old, from my kennel got contraceptive operation by using anesthesia recently, and went well. So it is safe (to use it) if your vet is skilled.
 It is convincible that Elgar was friendly with other dogs since he spent a lot of time with other puppy.  I think dogs also want to make their friends as human. Generally, male dogs are not interested in girls when they are raised alone and it is difficult to mate them without professional training. So it is normal that he does not approach the girls.
 I am surprised that you still check out my website!  I really appreciate your favor to us.

 I look forward to getting your mail about Elgar.
 Sincerely yours, Seiko Miyazawa, Amanda Blue.



歯石の問題ですが、麻酔をかけて除去をしてもらったほうが良いと思います。獣医師に相談されてはいかがでしょうか? 当方出身で現在2歳のマイクロティーカップ(1.0kg)の子が最近麻酔をして避妊手術をしましたが、経過は順調のようです。熟練した獣医師であれば麻酔を使うことは危険ではありません。


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